At the extraordinary Arlington Theatre…

A Santa Barbara historical icon for nearly a century, the Arlington Theatre has the capacity to host 1,500 guests, and is our grandest venue to date.

…with the best dancers
in the nation…

You’ve seen them on America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and NFL halftime shows. These highly talented dancers are training hard to bring nothing but their A-game to the Nachle Deewane stage.

…featuring a world-renowned

We’ve hosted: Jai Wolf, Mickey Singh, Arjun, Fateh, PropheC, Amar Sandhu, and Jaz Dhami. But we’re just getting started.

In fact, Nachle Deewane is so good that it has been sold out 6 years in a row. Don’t miss out.


35 team members.
1000+ guests.
All for charity.


Date: April 10, 2021
Time:5 - 7 PM (Live Stream)
Lineup:Chicago Bhangra, WSU Jhatka, Husky Bhangra, Delaware Kamaal, Griffin Bhangra, UA Om Shanti, Riverside Bhangra, Wisconsin Surma, UCSB Agni

We’ve sponsored education, supported literacy projects, provided school lunches, and donated to natural disaster reliefs. Through your generous contributions year after year, together we have impacted tens of thousands of underprivileged lives across India. This year, we've chosen to provide COVID-19 relief to vulnerable populations in South Asia by donating proceeds to AID (Association for India's Development COVID-19 Relief fund). here.

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  1. Experience the best of Bollywood, filled with colorful and dazzling performances that are fun for the entire family.
  2. Stealing #3 on the New York Times 2019 Places to Go list, Santa Barbara's not your average vacation spot. Elevated dining, beaches & more - it's a gorgeous weekend waiting to happen.
  3. Witness the skill and power of over 200 performers from all across the country, as far as Boston & Chicago.
  4. You can feel good about your ticket purchase since it will directly support those who need it the most. Proceeds from the show this year will be donated to Asha for Education.
  5. Nachle Deewane has become one of the largest, most iconic cultural celebrations in Santa Barbara. We've been featured in every major publication in the area, and have a 5 year history of leaving audiences in awe.
  6. The hottest guest artists you've ever seen. We blow our audiences' mind with every reveal.
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Additional sponsors: Google Ads, CAB Foundation, Offices of the Chancellor & Vice Chancellor, UCSB Office of Student Life, TrackR, Zipcar, Bollyshake, AS SIRRC, UCSB Multicultural Center, UCSB RHA, Community Grants, Tamira Indian Restaurant, Associated Students Program Board, UCSB Womyn's Commission, UCSB Arts & Lectures

Nachle Deewane’s videos have been viewed over 100,000 times across the web. See for yourself!

The Lineups


  • ★ UCI Zamana
  • ★ UC Berkeley Zahanat (1st Place)
  • ★ UCSD Zor
  • ★ CSU-Fullerton Nazara


  • ★ UCSD Da Real Punjabiz
  • ★ Bhangra Regiment
  • ★ Tufts Bhangra
  • ★ Bruin Bhangra (1st Place)


  • ★ Michigan Taal
  • ★ UC Berkeley Zahanat
  • ★ UA Om Shanthi
  • ★ UCSD Zor (1st Place)
  • ★ UCI Zamana (2nd Place)


  • ★ Cal Bhangra (2nd Place)
  • ★ UC Davis Bhangre Di Jaan
  • ★ Texas Bhangra
  • ★ Bruin Bhangra (1st Place)


  • ★ USC Zeher (1st Place)
  • ★ UC Berkeley Zahanat
  • ★ Cal Poly SLO Kahanee
  • ★ SJSU Sahaara


  • ★ Northwestern Bhangra
  • ★ UIUC I-Bhangra
  • ★ Stanford Bhangra
  • ★ Davis Bhangra Crew (1st Place)


  • ★ UCSC Kahani (1st Place)
  • ★ UC Berkeley Zahanat (2nd Place)
  • ★ Cal Poly SLO Kahanee
  • ★ UT Jazba
  • ★ Texas A&M Akh Mastani


  • ★ West Side Bhangra
  • ★ UCSD Da Real Punjabiz (1st Place)
  • ★ Cal Bhangra


  • ★ ASU Andaaz
  • ★ UCSC Kahaani
  • ★ UCR Afsana (2nd Place)
  • ★ UCSD Zor
  • ★ USC Zeher (1st Place)


  • ★ UCSD Da Real Punjabiz (1st Place)
  • ★ Northwestern Bhangra
  • ★ Cal Bhangra
  • ★ Bruin Bhangra (2nd Place)

TBA February 2019